Suicidal thoughts and Behaviours

Support Available for Young People & Families

Suicidal Ideation is thinking about, considering, or planning suicide. It is not a diagnosis but a symptom of some mental health disorders or a reaction to an adverse event(s). Many attempted suicide attempts are impulsive acts during a moment of crisis, but these can leave permanent damage. There are major risk factors for suicidal ideation, this is not to say everyone with any of these factors will have suicidal ideation but we should be aware of the risks that are associated. Major risk factors include; prior suicide attempts, misuse and abuse of alcohol and/or drugs, mental disorders (especially depression), knowing someone who lost their life to suicide and social isolation. If someone is talking about it, it reduces the likelihood of harm by around a third. So, thinking about suicide is often very different to actually wanting to end your life.

If you are concerned about your own thoughts of suicide, that of a friends or of your child it is vital you seek medical support immediately. If someone has acted on these thoughts and you are concerned you should dial 999 for emergency support. If someone has expressed these thoughts but not acted on these it is important a GP appointment is made that day and if CAMHS are already involved, they should be updated.

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Parent/ Carer Support-

We are here to offer support so please don’t hesitate to call the school or email your child’s PSL if you would like to discuss anything.

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As ever, if you would like to share any information with us or have a chat please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Pupil Support Leader (PSL). Please note – we are not a medical service and cannot diagnose or provide emergency support. We can talk with you and your child to ensure you are able to access appropriate support.