Support Available for Young People and Families

What trauma is:
Trauma is an emotional, behavioural and physical response to an experience so overwhelming that it over rides our brain’s ability to process it as a past event. The traumatic memory can be triggered by any number of things leading us to relive the trauma in the present. This can take the form of intrusive thoughts, images, flash backs and nightmares. Some other symptoms can include hypervigilance, anxiety, irritability and inability to regulate our emotions.

What you can do to help:
If you think you might be affected by trauma help is available from your GP or from one of the below organisations:

Parent/Carer Support:
If you believe your child has been affected by trauma you can access help and guidance the following websites: (Free download)

As always, although we are not a medical or psychological service and cannot diagnose or provide emergency services, we are here to help. We can talk with you and your child to ensure you are able to access appropriate support.