Support Available for Travelling to School

Travelling to and from school:
If you live in the catchment area and can walk to school and back, we would promote this opportunity to boost your health and wellbeing. We do also have an area to lock up bikes should you prefer to cycle but, like other public properties, we cannot guarantee the safety of your bike.

If you prefer to use public transport, the number 44 bus offers a reliable and frequent service, payable by parents/carers and you can find an up to date timetable by clicking on the below website:

Parent/ Carer Support
In the certain circumstances (see below) your child may be eligible for assisted transport.
1) Child’s catchment secondary school is 3 miles or more than the statutory walking distance (by the shortest walking route).
2) Child lives under 2 miles (primary) or 3 miles (secondary) from their catchment school but there is no reasonable safe route to/from school even when accompanied by an adult.

Please contact School Transport directly for guidance and an application or visit the website

If you live in west Lothian, please see the link for details of the process and the form for West Lothian.
For information, the form works in sections. It does not show completely until you have selected the Secondary school option. Normally S1 (this year’s P7s), S5 and S6 pupils re-apply every year. Any other pupils will already have a pass which they can continue to use, so next year’s S2, S3, S4 pupils will not need to re-apply unless they have lost their pass.

If you live in Livingston, transport is parent-led in the Livingston area. Please contact the school office for details of the designated transport co-ordinator.

Issues to do with transport
Should you have any issues regarding bus travel, lost bus passes or assisted transport please contact the appropriate authorities directly as the school has no governance over this area.