It is my great pleasure as HT to welcome you to the new school website. The site has been recently redesigned and is in the initial phase of roll out. This means that we have all of the mandatory City of Edinburgh materials regarding: emergency closures, admissions, catchment areas etc. as well as Parent Council information live on the site. We are updating and amending the range of school specific details to give a more accurate picture of the educational experience at Balerno High.

The website is a great platform to share a lot of the fine detail about life around the school which will give a better picture of how we operate. We now have a specialist technician to maintain and populate content and are training a support team across the school to keep the content relevant and up to date. It is an important tool in communicating our key messages and we are working hand in glove with our Parent Council on what families require from the site to assist with planning and preparation for learning.

Students and subject departments will be heavily involved in producing articles over the coming weeks and months but please feel free to help us improve more quickly by sharing your observations and suggestions with the Web Team.

Balerno High School, 5 Bridge Road, Balerno, Edinburgh EH14 7AQ, United Kingdom
Tel : 0131 477 7788

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