Support Available for Young People and Families

What loneliness is:
Loneliness is the feeling that comes from lack of meaningful interaction with significant others. It can happen even though we have people all around us. Sometimes we can withdraw if we are feeling low, which makes us feel even worse. It’s worth keeping in mind that being alone isn’t the same as being lonely.

What you can do to help:
There are friendly and supportive places to be in school, whether you are lonely or just like being on your own. They can also be good places to build appropriate friendships.
Some good places include the LRC and clubs. The LRC is a learning resource area open to pupils at break times. It is a place to read, to homework or use computers. It is also supervised by our school librarian.
There are clubs during lunch and after school. You can find out more info by checking the bulletin each day on Teams and looking on the wall of the PE corridor.

Parent/Carer Support:
If your child is finding it hard to make friends a conversation with the relevant Pupil Support Leader can often help.
Try to work out whether your child is lonely or likes being alone. Be mindful of projecting your feelings about loneliness onto your child. They may be perfectly happy in their own company and the company of their family. They may just not be ready to share themselves yet.
Try to have conversations with your child on how to make friends, start conversations, interact with others and thinks they might talk about.