Social, Emotional and Relationship Skills

Support Available for Young People & Families

Difficulties with social, emotional and relationship skills can affect your ability to

  • interact appropriately with others
  • build self confidence
  • express thoughts and feelings
  • self-regulate and manage feelings

Class teachers use a range of strategies to engage and support all learners.

We also offer the Emotion Talks, Social Thinking, PEERS, Forest School and LIAM programmes, and 1:1 tutorials to small groups of identified pupils. We may also offer scheduled use of our Support Hub.

Please speak with SfL or pop in to F41 if you have any questions.

How to help at home to support more independent learning:

  • Be aware that behaviour change can be related to barriers to learning, or difficulty regulating emotions
  • Provide a quiet, calm, predictable and organised environment for homework
  • Use a visual timetable/checklist to support understanding of predictable routines and reduce anxiety
  • Practise and prepare for change and/or new experiences
  • Recognise and reinforce positive behaviour
  • Give tasks to promote responsibility and feelings of independence
  • Model and discuss ways that you manage uncomfortable emotions

Helpful Documents and Links

LIAM (Low Intensity Anxiety Management)

The link below provides useful information re learning at home:

Learning at home | Parent Zone (