Minutes and reports

This area holds minutes of Parent Council meetings, annual reports and other Parent Council documents.

From the start of Session 2016/17 minutes will be published in ‘draft’ form in order to make them available as quickly as possible after each meeting. Formal approval for each set of minutes will still be sought at the the next PC meeting. At that point the minutes will move from ‘draft’ to ‘approved’ and the ‘draft’ title and watermark will be removed.

Session 2019/20

28/10/2019 Meeting

30/09/2019 Meeting

Session 2018/19

13/05/2019 Meeting

11/03/2019 Meeting

21/01/2019 Meeting

26/11/2018 Meeting

29/10/18 Meeting

10/09/18 Meeting

Session 2017/18

14/05/18 Meeting

South West Schools review

12/03/2018 Meeting

22/01/2018 Meeting

04/12/2017 Meeting

30/10/2017 Meeting

25/09/2017 Meeting & AGM

Session 2016/17

Session 2015/16

Session 2014/15

Session 2013/14

Session 2012/13

Session 2011/12

Session 2010/11